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Ted Snyder Siguatepeque, Honduras


One More in the Book of Life!

Our God is so good to me, I have been praying and dealing with a boy in our Bible Club about salvation.  You may have seen me mention Dean Purua before, well, praise the Lord he has asked the Saviour to take away his sins. Dean is just starting Intermediate school this year and while on holiday he

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A Band Touched by God.

What a blessing we had last night, we had the Parfitt young men with us down on Queen Street last evening passing out tracts and sharing the gospel, but then most of our University Bible Study group came down the street and joined us.  As I considered the blessing of being able to see this group of

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Salvation Bible Club

Our youth, along with the visitors from the USA, held a holiday Bible club for Auckland Bible Baptist Church, we entitled it Salvation Bible Club.  Can you guess what the theme was? You are correct S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N! We had a total of 26 children, from 5 to 14, during the week and there were nine

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His Passion

If you have ever heard of the Lord’s “passion”, you know about his death on the cross, by which he is able take away the sin of the world.   But if you have a NIV you will not learn of our Lord’s passion only his suffering. Acts 1:3 To whom he also showed himself alive after his passion by many

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Four Baptized – HalleluJAH!

What a day, Sunday! The Lord had me skip my planned message from Hebrews chapter 3 and instead I taught on baptism.  On Monday we had made a plan to baptize Vicky from our University Bible Study group on Sunday afternoon and then two of my children surrendered during the week to obey the Lord in

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Great Time at Bible Study

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Prison Bible Study

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Uni Bible Study

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Auckland Prison Bible Study

Brother Jeff Williams called me a while back about a prisoner in Auckland prison that is enrolled in the NZCSB and desired to have a Bible study on site. So Bro. Jeff gave the prisoner my name and info. After some weeks I received letters from the prisoner and the chaplain for that section

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